Culinary art

Our special Waldklang cuisine guarantees culinary delight with its mixture of homemade and fresh prepared local delicacies and international dishes, which are complemented by our varied drinks menu featuring Christmassy hot drinks as well as cool beverages. The hospitable team around Armin Fischer is keen to make you feel comfortable and contributes to a pleasing Waldklang visit.

Experienced culinary art at the kiosk

In 2015 you can again look over our chefs’ shoulders and watch them cook. The Waldklang cooks sweep through the kitchen and coddle our guests with traditional pain fare and international specialties.

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Waffle hut near the tree-climbing park

Fancy waffle creations sweeten your advent and invite sweet teeth to have a feast. From afar you can smell the marvelous scent of crunchy baked dough, topped with applesauce/cinnamon, wild-berry/poppy-seed or chocolate/toffee, just to mention some of the amazing flavors.

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Sun hut

In case you are graving for a little snack, our gastronomy stall at the end of the market offers “Leberkäsesemmeln” (roll filled with a type of meatloaf). Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a delicious hot drink while walking back to the market or to pause for a moment and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of Waldklang.